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HDE ChangeLog

0.4.4 - Fixed the bug causing XWindows freze.
  - Enabled the vrowse button in hrun.
  - Titlebars supports Arabic text again after it was accedently removed.
  - added the ability to read [Color_Background] section in theme.
  - set default theme to /usr/share/hde/Theme instead of the XP Theme.
  - Removed "%XXXX" from the menu entry.
  - Fixed a bug in Recent file names when using XP menu style.
  - Some work on desktop item program.
  - The maximum width of the try icon is now 20 instead of undefined,
  - The clock is an Internal apbar program now.
  - Some small fixes on Makefiles.

0.4.3 - Windows now doesn't shrink to fit in border.
  - Added XPMenu.
  - hrunfiles now in ~/.hrun.
  - adding the command to recent list after executing it.
  - /usr/share/hwm/applnk/Programs is now a link to /usr/share/applnk for
  compatibility between hwm and kde.
  - begin with the menu and desktop items add/properties.
  - Fixed OpenOffice window place bug.
  - Some fixes for resizing window.
  - Added lrelease to Makefile to update translations.
  - Fixed RTL drawing for the QToolButton in hdeStyle.

0.4.2 - Flipped the start.jpg to be displayed in both Arabic and Latine.
  - Added WinXP theme back but in file XP-Theme
  - Fixed flat titlebar icons bug.
  - Fixed the bug makes the last focus window before Desktop unfocusable.
  - Wait cursor untill hwm started completely.
  - Reorder CHANGES.

0.41 - Fixed tray icon disapearing when restart.
  - Added Spain and Frensh Languages translations.

0.40 - Compiling using Qt 3.1 showes me a lot of bugs.
  - Fixed dblclick on desktop icon bug "QT 3.1".
  - When you click on desktop now all clients become inactive.
  - Fixed the bug that made some programs starts minimized.
  - Fixed the memory bug in biff and hwm by removing setBackgroundPixmap and use QPainter instead.

0.39 - The folowing fixes in hrun:
  - okPressed activated when the user press on enter.
  - add autocomplation for prev. commands.
  - Fixed the bug that crash hDisplay when imagedir does not excist and fixed translation error

0.38 - Fixed the ugly lines under toolbar buttons when using theme.
  - Added fonts color for startbutton, toolbar buttons and apbar in Theme.
  - Fixed the bug that prevent drawing the clock font if not using fontconfig in QT.
  - DEST is now /usr instead of /usr/local
  - Fixed Desktop file bug when filename has unicode encoding.

0.37 - many isues for theme support.
  - Added TitleImage, TitleRightImage, TitleLeftImage, UnactiveTitleImage, UnactiveTitleRightImage, UnactiveTitleLeftImage to Themes to be drawn in the titlebar.
  - Added topBorder and flaticons variables to defaults to decide if a window has top borders and flat icons in the title bar.
  - Toolbar ad titlebars are fully costumizable now.
  - on right to left locales titlebar, starticon and appbar images are reversed.

0.36 - Changed the menu reading to support kdeicons without paths
  - Added the item ImagesDirs to defaults in [Color_Background] to search for images in some directories seperated by ';'.

0.35 - hwmclock is a standard tray window now.
  - Added defaults::titleStyle variable to make styleName variable act like its name.
  - appbar is not agly anymore in Windows Style ;)
  - Fixed crash on some locales.
  - Added readItem to the class defaults in libhwm.
  - Changed all Desktop and menu files to readItem
  - Changed library version to libhwm.so.2.5
  - fixed the menu.cpp to get startmenu image when an image exists.
  - Added a link kde in Programs tp /usr/share/applnk
  - Changed hwminst script to install that link.

0.34 - ClickToFocus is Finished.
  - Fixed Resizing non focused Window bug.
  - Fixed Move non focused Window.
  - Fixed All non focused Windows bugs ;).

0.33 - many changes to have ClickToFocus problem fixed
  - KDE3 tray icon is now supported
  - Added hcloseframe which is a frame with Close and Minimize/Maximize bttons.

0.32 - fixed small errors regarding upgrading to qt-3.0.4.
  - changed the fonts reading.
  - added KDE3 menu compatibality.
  - changed defaults to be used with the configuration program.
  - added hDisplay to configure display and appearance
  - added HCalender, a calender widget for Qt3 wich will support Hijri Calender later.
  - added hDateTime program to extra
  - Allow changing keyboard language of xkbsel from hwm "ALT+SHIFT_L"
  - Some small changes to fix click to focus bug later.

0.31 - fixed CVS entry in Menus.
  - corrected right/mid press bug for max/restore button.
  - removed old menu configuration file.
  - changed all programs for thread support.
  - defaults::lng now shows the locale if no language defined.
  - load the translator qt_ar that i have submited to Trolltech ;)
  - Fixed theme to have costumized buttons, this make it looks 90% like Windows.
  - Added Theme in /usr/locale/share/hwm and it's images at the images dir.
  - Fixed a small bug in hwmStyle in PE_HeaderSection.

0.30 - added WinXPStyle, some changes in the look
  - menu Button is now drawen internaly
  - added alt+print to copy selected window, and alt+shift+print to copy the intire desktop
  - Configurations are now in $HWMDIR/share

0.29 - The procbar icon and the window icon changes now whenever the original icon changes, the menus now are links => each group is a directory and each item is a file, added auto language changes to the desktop

0.28 - Added Language templates and RTL for arabic language.
  - changes wborder to support RTL, xwindows and the menus.

0.27 - Added ToolTips to BordersButtons.
  - wbutton is now down when pressed.
  - Added delMenuItem in config of libhwm.
  - the mail indecator is drawn like apbar.
  - added menu to the procbar buttons.
  - some changes to the hwmStyle

0.26 - fixed a layout problem when using qt3 > beta 6.
  - reading from ini reads now "key=value" beside "key = value".
  - added addMenuItem to config.h in libhwm.
  - reading from ini can now support key[something]=value.
  - fix the resizing problem.

0.25 - The borders layout has been changed to look exactly like win9x in the windows style.
  - noborders now remove all borders from the decoration.

0.24 - Added contexthelp button.

0.23 - some fixes for the win98style.
  - Added non bordered window to shaped.
  - fixed a small bug in keyboard.cpp.

0.22 - Added ClickToFocus suppot.

0.21 - many changes to the drawing of buttons and comboboxes in hwmstyle.
  - added tow other buttons Max/Minimize and a boolean to chose this style
  - The win98style looks more likes Windows 98.

0.20 - fixed some miner draw isues in borders.
  - added popup menu to the icon frame.

0.19 - middle frame in topborder support gradient colors.
  - frames on top border are now transparent instead of drawn
  - the size of windows button changes in win95style and win98style.
  - some bug fixes.

0.18 - sideBar problems has been fixed and it can now resize the window.
  - the Size of the window can be 0 height and 2*button width.

0.17 - bug fixed with shaped windows and sideBars, Desktop Added.

0.16 - titlebar apbar, procbar and tollbar has now a better drawing look.
  - The mouse will change to the title bar of the new windows when created.

0.15 - titlebar apbar, procbar and tollbar has now a new drawing look.

0.14 - added icons to winlist.
  - leftframe and right frame has become QPushButtons.
  - added a new icon in the titlebar.

0.13 - wininfo size fixed, Added Icons to menu.

0.12 - Added close window to keyboard shorcuts "ALT+F4".

Last Modified: 04-04-2004
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